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Robert Morris University Announces Two New Programs at the RLA

March 1, 2011

Robert Morris University announces two new master’s programs in Cranberry

Coming Fall 2011, Robert Morris University will begin offering two master’s programs at the Regional Learning Alliance.

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Instructional Leadership degree program at Robert Morris University builds on what students have mastered on the job, as well as in teacher education programs. The program will extend your abilities in a wide variety of areas to help you advance professionally.  This degree program is designed for elementary or secondary school teachers, those in corporate training and development, or those in scholastic athletics and recreation management.

The M.S. in Engineering Management program prepares students for advancement in technical and managerial fields, teaching them to integrate technical, scientific and management knowledge, techniques and skills.

Both programs will be taught in 8-week accelerated sessions by attending class one night per week.

Applications are currently being accepted for the new fall start.  Contact Susan Campbell (412) 397-5204 or Sherri Aufman (412) 397-5229 to learn more.

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The Regional Learning Alliance is the Greater Pittsburgh area’s premier Learning Center and the nation’s largest collaborative campus, offering over 30 degree programs from 7 educational institutions as well as an Early Learning Center (Pre-School), and a Performing Arts Academy. The LEED certified green building, located in Cranberry Woods, offers college students the best of a traditional college campus, with the modern amenities of a first-class executive training center.

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