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Regional Learning Alliance Announces Scholarship Recipients

August 17, 2011

Cranberry Township, PA – August 17, 2011 – The Regional Learning Alliance is proud to award its first scholarships to two deserving students.  The recipients of the 2011 scholarships are:

-          Connie L. Wooley, a Medical Coding student from Pittsburgh Technical Institute

-          Jason Lockwood, an Information Technology student from Pittsburgh Technical Institute

 “We are proud to reward these recipients who earned their scholarship through their dedication and determination inside as well as outside of the classroom,”  shares Dr. Justin Griffith, executive director at the RLA. 

Conceived by Griffith, the scholarships were designed to financially assist students that take the majority of their course load at the RLA.  Students were asked to provide a personal statement that explained how the scholarship will help them to achieve their academic and professional goals.  Special consideration was given to students that best exemplified the mission of the RLA in their statement.  A committee consisting of a representative from the RLA as well as two representatives from the RLA’s member schools reviewed the submissions.

About The Regional Learning Alliance

The Regional Learning Alliance is the Greater Pittsburgh area’s premier Learning Center and the nation’s largest collaborative campus, offering over 30 degree programs from 7 educational institutions as well as an Early Learning Center (Pre-School), and a Performing Arts Academy. The LEED certified green building, located in Cranberry Woods, offers college students the best of a traditional college campus, with the modern amenities of a first-class executive training center.

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