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Gannon, Geneva College sign articulation agreement for Organizational Learning and Leadership Program.

August 10, 2010

Articulation Agreement will allow transfer of credits to Gannon doctorate in Organizational Learning and Leadership

Gannon University and Geneva College have signed an articulation agreement for master’s-level graduates of Geneva interested in pursuing a doctoral degree at Gannon.

Specifically, the agreement was signed by the Department of Leadership Studies at Geneva College and by Gannon’s doctoral program in Organizational Learning and Leadership (OLL). The agreement is designed to facilitate the process of graduates from Geneva College’s master’s program in Leadership Studies applying credits to Gannon’s OLL program.

Gannon’s OLL program requires 66 credits of study and comprises a “Foundations” section (18 credits) and a “Cohort” section (48 credits). The Foundations section includes courses in areas such as human development, educational research methods, school curriculum, learning theory, graduate statistics, leadership dynamics, educational leadership, organizational behavior, leadership and ethics, and dynamics and processes of change.

The Cohort section is focused on areas such as advanced leadership theory, organizational analysis, quality management, global perspectives on learning and leadership, statistics, and research methods.

As per the articulation agreement, graduates of Geneva’s master’s program in Leadership Studies will be able to apply six of their credits to the Foundations section of Gannon’s OLL program. Thus, they would need only 12 additional credits at Gannon in that section.

Graduates from Geneva College must have earned at least a “B” in the courses they wish to transfer to the OLL program. In addition, students must have completed all required coursework at Geneva College, located in Beaver Falls, Pa.

Gannon University’s doctor of philosophy program in Organizational Learning and Leadership is founded on an interdisciplinary model. The program is designed to prepare students to better analyze data, conduct research, solve problems, and enhance the effectiveness of their organizations.

The program is academically rigorous and is designed for the working professional. Courses can be scheduled flexibly so as to accommodate students’ work-related responsibilities. In addition, classroom-based learning is supplemented by on-line interaction among a cohort of students drawn from diverse professional backgrounds.

The program also strives to balance a common didactic learning experience with the research component of a traditional doctoral program.

For more information on Gannon University’s doctoral degree in Organizational Learning and Leadership, contact the University’s Office of Graduate Admissions at 814-871-7474 or send e-mail to graduate@gannon.edu.

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