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About Us

Committed to Our Mission. Not the bottom line.

Official Green Meeting Center and LEED Silver, NC

The Regional Learning Alliance is a LEED-Silver NC Certified Building. LEED (Leadership in Environmental Energy and Design) is a certification of the US Green Building Council and the authority on “green” design. We are a green, sustainable building that utilizes healthier and more resource-efficient models of design, renovation, operation, cleaning, and maintenance. In 2014, the RLA was named an Offical Green Meeting Center, only one of two in Western PA.

It started at construction,,,

  • More than 90% of the construction waste was recycled or salvaged for reuse
  • Utilized only Forest Stewardship Counsel certified wood throughout the building
  • 35% of the materials used in construction were manufactured within 500 miles of the RLA
  • Recycled materials used in construction include structural steel, gypsum wallboard, acoustic ceiling tiles, carpet, and many other materials

And continues everyday...

  • Light motion sensors are located in every room – when no motion is detected, the lights will automatically shut off until there is movement
  • Each class and conference room has a carbon dioxide (CO2) detector that regulates the amount of fresh air vented into the area based upon the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air
  • Low-flow faucets and duel-flush commodes to reduce water consumption
  • Xeriscape is a landscaping technique that uses drought resistant plants in an efficient way to conserve resources, such as water. The Regional Learning Alliance uses this technique and incorporates native Pennsylvania plants and grasses for landscaping.
  • Furnishing and carpeting made out of recycled materials