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Superior Quality of Space and Services, by Design

The RLA stands as a beacon of excellence in conference center design, meticulously crafted to engage the senses. As a technology-based facility, we boast seamless integration of audio-visual systems, backed by on-site tech support. We consistently offer the most useful and impressive tech because we set the standard, rather than follow it.


As a non-profit, RLA remains steadfast in our commitment to serve the Commonwealth and our Pittsburgh region with affordable services and rate integrity. Our pricing structure is transparent, simple, devoid of demand or surge pricing, with rate adjustments made only every year or two. We don't typically charge for the extras either. Our goal is to give guests an incredible learning and collaborative experience, not to make a profit from them!


Within our walls, a wealth of comprehensive services await. Our professional team boasts an impressive average tenure of 14 years, fostering continuity and excellence in service. You'll encounter a consistent team of industry leaders dedicated to ensuring your experience is nothing short of exceptional. Year after year, from scheduling and planning events to the execution, we are seamless. We believe in personal one-on-one service, and lots of it. 


Our Sustainable Dining team, comprised of esteemed chefs and culinary experts hail from top culinary schools and deliver culinary excellence with every dish. We source from local farms and create healthful farm-fresh meals that feed the mind and nourish the body. Our food is the highest quality, made from scratch daily. We have little to no processed foods on our menus. Each break item, each meal, and every dessert is made in our kitchen from scratch, with great care, on the day we serve it. 

RLA does not host social events like weddings. Our focus is to engage learning, workforce, and community events that we can deliver with precision. The 450+ organizations that use our services return again and again. With a repeat rate of 94%, we encourage you to ask your colleagues and friends about the RLA and get a first-hand perspective. We have proudly earned our standing as the best venue for meetings, trainings, conferences, and events in the Pittsburgh region. 

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