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Helping to Build a Better Workforce

The RLA was specifically designed to support the delivery of workforce education and training.


We provide the most affordable and modern place for organizations and associations to bring their teams to collaborate, meet, train, learn, and network. It is where you come to create big ideas, have stimulating learning and discussion, listen and talk to experts and colleagues, and to accomplish professional goals.


RLA services include effective meeting and networking spaces designed with the latest hybrid and audio-visual technology, on-site a/v techs and event coordinators, and sustainable in-house catering that nourishes attendees with healthful from-scratch food. We aren’t simply a venue. We were created to offer the most comprehensive scope of services and experts in one place so that your time at the RLA is both productive and impactful. 


Our workforce support efforts include providing offices and training spaces. Individual executive offices and larger open office spaces that may be leased. We offer a multitude of included support services such as use of conference spaces, front desk, hybrid meeting technology, consultation expertise with workforce and learning experts, as well as connections with other growing businesses. See our list of Workforce Members and our Workforce Growth Center partners that use our services to growth their organizations and enhance the workforce and economic vitality of the Pittsburgh region. 

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