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Photography Exhibit

Last Light

MELLON ARENA, Pittsburgh, PA


PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT: May 4 – July 6, 2022

RLA Gallery,  located on the 2nd floor Atrium


Ed Massery


It has been ten years since the Mellon Arena (once known as the Civic Arena), built in 1961, was demolished. However, the legacy of the building lives on in the changing landscape of Pittsburgh today.


The photographs seen in this exhibit were part of a 24-piece series of photographs exhibited in the upper lobby of the USX Tower in Summer 2013. Ten of the photographs are in the permanent collection of the Carnegie Museum of Art (CMoA) and have been selectively displayed in the Heinz Architectural Center.


With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Ed left a short career in industrial manufacturing to pursue his interest in architectural photography. Operating from a base in Pittsburgh, PA, he has spent the last 32 years traveling the United States photographing buildings for architects, builders, corporations, and developers.


Ed’s motivation to photograph the arena came when he learned of the pending demolition of the Civic Arena. Initially on September 24, 2011, he wanted to capture a memorial photograph for himself. He spent the last hour of the day composing a photograph focusing on the steel super structure that supported the retractable roof. When at home that evening, he knew at that moment, he needed to do more.


Starting at 5am, two hours before sunrise the following day, Ed made several more photographs. The process continued every evening for the next two weeks. Eventually, Ed followed the progression of the demolition up until March 23, 2012 when there was only a fraction left standing.


Archival quality prints are available in various sizes from 10x14” up to 44x84”. Contact Ed Massery at 412 654 8464.


Ed is the original architectural photographer of the RLA, having returned a second time to capture both interior and exterior photography.


To see more of Ed’s work: or use the QR Code below.

Ed Massery QR.jpg
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