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Summer Botanical Art Exhibit

Pennsylvania Native Plants Contributing to the Ecosystem is our summer art exhibition that is on display May 30 thru September 15, 2023. The exhibit features original botanical and native birds of western Pennsylvania. The 51 pieces of art were created by 8 artists that belong to the Allegheny Highlands Botanical Art Society, the local chapter of the American Society of Botanical Artists. Artist inspiration came from the question, “Why do you draw nature?” The art is both educational and creative, showing the intricacies of native plants throughout the seasons. Many of the original art pieces on display are offered for sale directly from the artist for pickup or shipping after the exhibition ends.


The RLA gallery is located on the second floor Atrium in the common area of the building and is open and free to the public Monday through Thursday 10am-7pm and Friday 10am-4pm. For more information, visit our website

To purchase a piece from this exhibit, please email the artist directly by clicking on their email address below to inquire.

Marguerite Dailey Matz

Black Huckleberry

Gaylussacia baccata



Celtis accidentalis


Melissa Fabian


Quaking Aspen

Populus tremuloides


Eastern Screech Owl

Megascops asio

Nine Bark

Physocarpus opulifolius


Solomon Seal

Polygonatum odoratum


American Sycamore

Platens occidentalis


American Wisteria

Wisteria frutescens


Pussy Willow

Salix discolor


Gram’s Bluebirds

Sialia sialis


Blue Heron



Gram’s Blueberries



Bird Nest and Eggs



Aspen Woods

Silverpoint and Copper


Cinnamon Fern

Osmundastrum cinnamoneum


Service Berry

Amelanchier Laevis





Iza Kubanowska


White Pine Cone

Pinus Strobus


Ornamental Gourd

Cucurbita Pepo



Apium graveolens var rapaceum

Amy Lewandowski


Three Oak Galls

Quercus sp.


Winter Finds


Acacia Seed Pods

Acacia sp.


Honey Locust Seed Pods

Gleditsia triacanthos


Trail Treasures I

Trail Treasures II

Four Sticks

Stephanie S. Lind


Ironwood Tree

Carpinus caroliniana


Oriental Bittersweet

Celastrus orbiculatus Thunb.


3 Turkey Feathers (adult and juvenile) Meleagris gallopavo


Blue Jay

Cyanociha cristata

Red Spotted Purple Butterfly

Limenitis arthemis

Pinxter Azalea

Rhododendron periclymenoides

Sassafras Tree

Sassafras albidum


Pussy Willow

Salix discolor


Red Lettuce Leaf

Lactuca sativa

Brenda Nemeth


Witch Hazel

Hamamelis Virginia


Blood Root

Sanguinaria Canadensis


Dried Mushrooms

Agaricus bisporus


Staghorn Sumac

Rhus Typhina

Solomon Seal

Polygonatum odoratum

lisa m. rasmussen

Tulip Poplar

Liriodendron tulipifera


Honesty Seed Pods

Lunaria annua



Asparagus officinalis






Arisaema triphyllum

Holly Roth Dobkin

Artwork displayed by this artist is currently not for sale. Please contact her directly for interest.

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