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Academic Member Resources

Class Submission Form

RLA Staff

The RLA team is available for all assistance needed. 

Here are some quick contacts:


Front Desk all hours: 724-741-1000


Zach: 724-741-1031 (for all scheduling of classes, class changes, display table requests)


Mark: 724-741-1006 (email for all technology requests if needed between 7am and 1pm M-F) - Event & Technology Services including Front Desk


Justin: 724-741-1005 (any Academic Member requests, questions, discussion, suggestions, etc.) - CEO/COO and main contact with Academic Members


Kristina: 724-741-1025 (to schedule meeting rooms) - Director of Business Development (Sales & Marketing)


Vicki: 724-741-1023 (for all billing questions) - Business Manager

Jeremy: 724-741-1095 - Facilities Director

Academic Membership Meetings

Meetings between RLA and each academic member will be scheduled on an as-needed routine basis.

Please contact Justin at 724-741-1005 or to schedule. 


Campus Information and News

Marketing Services:

Please keep The RLA stocked in your materials: 


1)  Two 3'x5' outdoor flags of your institution as we generally need 2-3 per year.

2)  A 1-page (up to size) 8 1/2"x11" information sheet on all your programs held at the RLA. This can be front and back.

3)  98" digital display as a replacement for all former signage at the North entry. Please ensure we have your content in the form of a 20-       30 second video spot advertising your programs at the RLA (not your institution in general). Questions and/or to send you content:           Kristina Smith, Director of Business Development - 724-741-1025 or

4)  We can post for you on social media including paid ads.  If you have a program starting, an open house/information session, or if you       just want to highlight your program, send the information to and she will be happy to get this advertising up for       you.  It won't cost you anything as the RLA covers all paid ads we post on social media.

5)  We update the Education Program Information page and have it professionally printed each term.  If there are changes/updates or            additions, email them to and Changes will be made at the time of the next printing. 

6)  We will set up a display table of your information by request. Please email


Important Dates:
April 1st is the deadline for Summer and Fall terms. November 1st is deadline for Winter/Spring terms.

We schedule in the order submitted. We do NOT guarantee your classes have the same classroom for each session. While we do our best to accommodate, if this is important to you please make this special request in the notes of each class submitted.


Our classrooms were built and created to be uniform so that students/faculty can be in virtually any classroom and have the same setup/technology.


Classes certainly may be submitted after the deadline and will be scheduled in any space we have available. 


Holiday Closures for Students and Academic Members:

Yearly closures are always:


1. New Year's Day

2. Memorial Day (including the weekend before)

3. Monday, July 4th (including the weekend before)

4. Labor Day (including the weekend before)

5. Thanksgiving Day (including the Friday and weekend following)

6. Christmas Eve through New Year's Day

Interested in becoming an Academic Member?  Please contact the RLA at 724-741-1005 or

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